About Us


Promoting a Solar future; a sustainable commitment through Mugga Lane Solar Park

1. Environment
The team at Maoneng will draw upon proven methods of project delivery, to reduce the impact on the environment, by working along with environmental and nature conservation experts. The Solar PV Plant will produce clean energy over its operational life span, by offsetting a large amount of carbon emissions, hence promoting a sustainable future. We as a team are constantly evolving over time, to adopt and implement sustainable practices into our business.

2. Locality
The site was selected through a GIS (Geographical Information System) constraints mapping exercise which took into account the presence of local stakeholders, solar resource, energy demand, grid connection, land accessibility and the greater town plan.

3. Employment
The project is estimated to generate 40 jobs during construction and will support ongoing research and development of Solar PV technology.

4. Stakeholders
Our appreciation for the community can be reflected by the values and technological benefits which we will be giving back to the community.

MLSP will be a key attraction to visitors and inhabitants of the ACT.