The Project


Overview of the Mugga Lane Solar Park

The Mugga Lane Solar Park (MLSP) is a 13MWac photo-voltaic solar park developed by Maoneng Australia in Tuggeranong (Block 1692), located at the intersection of Mugga Lane and Monaro Highway in the Australian Capital Territory.

The Mugga Lane Solar Park will consist of a combination of Single Axis tracking and ground mounted solar arrays housing over 53,000 solar PV panels injecting energy into ActewAGL’s distribution network, which will meet the electricity demands of some 3,250 ACT households.

Maoneng’s estimate carbon offset of 480,000 tonnes over a 25 year period shows its commitment towards the environment and its contribution towards a greener Australia. The project is expected to generate over 40 jobs during construction and up to 3 maintenance jobs due course its operational period.

Maoneng will also constantly engage with the community during the construction and operational phase of the plant and will consider and work along the lines of the suggestions put forward.

With an annual solar resource of 58 million petajoules (PJ), which is approximately 10,000 times its annual energy consumption, Australia has a huge untapped potential for solar energy. Over the next decade,

Maoneng will strive to increase the utilization of large scale solar technology in our country and work towards a greener future.


MLSP by Numbers


Key Project Milestones